Theimpact of the Internet on my life

It is well-known fact that the Internet has become an essential part of our life and we will do nothing with it. I am sure that every person has Internet dependence whether hefinds necessary information orjustchats with other people. I am not exception.

As for me, I usually use the Internet at home as a «box» full of different interesting facts and alsoas a way of communication. By means of the Internet, I can talk to people wherever I was. By the way, it is possible to self-educate easily, to read books, which are too expensive in the shops, make purchases, make online appointments with the doctor, to listen to music and others.

However, when this mass medium had broken into my life, the Net changed it a lot. There are as good aspects as bad aspects. On the one hand, it gave me many new facilities. For instance, my life has become more convenient because I can do many things not leaving home. I may get access to all needed information. Finally, thanks to the Internet I’ve got a lot of different skills.

On the other hand, I’ve lost some of them. I feel more protected when I communicate with a person via the Net. What is more, the Internet has got too much information and sometimes it is rather difficult to understand what is truth and what is lie. Also I use gadgets with the Internet.You know, they damages my eyes, back and color of face.

To tell the truth, I would not like to change anything in my internet habits.

I am convinced that nobody will never abandon the Internet because it makes our life comfortable. Convenience is the thing are dreamt by all modern people.